The Art of Politics is founded on the principle of giving young academics, writers and practitioners a platform to share their ideas with the world. Many formal and major mainstream publications have too many barriers for publishing, such as long waiting periods, censorship and red tape bureaucratic protocols which discourage young academics, writers and practitioners from writing and sharing their unique experiences and valuable expertise with the world. The Art of Politics is here to give a platform to those who are impacted by these limitations. The Art of Politics aims to look at a variety current affairs and how the role of politics shapes our daily lives and how it impacts the global community. The Art of Politics will also feature a podcast soon, in which various academics, scholars and practitioners will be invited onto, to share their views and opinions on various issues, so watch this space!

The Art of Politics was established in 2020 by Jervin Naidoo who is an academic and lecturer at the University of Pretoria, Department of Political Sciences. He has been apart of the German Fellowship and professional training program, Managing Global Governance (MGG) and in 2018 he received the prestigious Chevening Scholarship which allowed him to attend the University of Warwick. He holds an MA in International Political Economy from the University Warwick as well as one undergraduate and two postgraduate degrees from the University of Pretoria in the fields of International Relations and Political Science. His expertise and passions lie in the field of International Political Economy, Security Studies and Foreign Policy. He also, serves as an external reviewer for the Adonis Abbey series of academic journals. He hopes that the Art of Politics will encourage positive and constructive dialogue about issues affecting the global community and make a positive change in the world.

Jervin Naidoo

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